Foundation Programme

As international students usually complete twelve years of education compared to the thirteen years a local UK student completes, most UK universities will often ask international students to complete a one year foundation programme before they embark on their degree course. In rare scenarios direct entry into the undergraduate programme will be allowed. Your UKEAS counsellor will be able to answer any further questions you have in this regard.


The foundation courses aim to:


  • Improve the English ability of students for their academic degree
  • Ensure students are better prepared for their entry into a UK university, and to allow them to become more accustomed to the style of teaching in the UK.
  • Help prepare students in the course content specific to the undergraduate course they’re taking. For example, students taking a business degree will take a business related foundation.

Note, only certain subjects will have foundation and pathway courses.


For a list of universities in the UK, click here.

Unanswered questions? Contact your counsellor to get the most up-to-date advice.

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