Application Procedure and UKEAS services

To be successful in your applications to the UK, you need to be well prepared. UKEAS has helped thousands of students achieve their goals and we are here to help you. Below you will find an outline of the steps you need to take for applying to the UK and how we can help you. As each student is unique, be sure to discuss your case with your counselor so that they can ensure your smooth transition to the UK. For a full listing of our services, please also click here.

  • Free Counseling Service

    To confirm your study subject, your UKEAS counselor will talk with you about your motivation and the purpose of your studies as well as gather a full understanding of your background and circumstances. With this information they will then be able to help you find the right pathway to meet your interests and future career plan.

  • Schools Search

    Based on your stated goals and purpose, your UKEAS counselor will recommend some ideal schools for you, analyzing and comparing the features and advantages amongst them. The counselor and you will then decide together which schools and course best meet your needs. Do not worry that you will be forced into choosing a particular school. UKEAS believes strongly we are there to help the student make decisions that are right for them but that ultimately the choice is yours.

  • Documents Preparation

    • Your UKEAS Counselor will explain to you in detail about what application documents you need to prepare and can offer samples and advice on how to prepare those.
    • Once documents are prepared, your counselor will be able to give you advice on any changes they feel need to be made and will, at the same time, ensure that all elements of the application are present and correct.
    • UKEAS also provide free document preparation seminars where they can provide comprehensive analysis and tips of how to prepare a winning application.
  • Free Application Service

    Once the application is complete, UKEAS will submit the application via the appropriate online system. Occasionally, applications that require posting (such as those containing bulky portfolios) will be sent by UKEAS for the cost of the postage. Once you have applied, you can track your application online on the UKEAS website and follow your application status 24 hours a day.

  • Evidence of English (eg IELTS ) & Pre-sessional English

    • If you haven't provided your IELTS score or other evidence of English at the time of application, the school in the UK will usually examine your application based on your academic performance alone and then give you a conditional offer. The condition will usually be evidence of English.
      • Once you have submitted your applications, and if you have not yet submitted an English score, you should focus on preparing and taking an English test, such as IELTS, to achieve the score required by the school.
      • If the score is short of the university requirement, do not worry. Speak with your UKEAS counselor to find out more about the options available to you such as pre-sessional English courses, etc. Your counselor can best advise you on these options and can discuss your case with the university to ensure a clear understanding of the way forward. This can be complicated so make sure to discuss it with your counselor!
  • Interviews with University Representatives/ Scholarship Opportunities

    • UKEAS arranges hundreds of individual university and language school visits every year to their various offices worldwide. We also arrange group interview days and education fairs so that students can get to know more about the UK schools.
    • UKEAS also provides scholarships in many of our markets in conjunction with UK Universities to students of academic excellence. We also have a great record of assisting our students to apply for and win scholarships available from other sources. Each scholarship application procedure is different and we provide students with both comprehensive and the necessary assistance.
  • Accommodation Arrangement

    When your school is confirmed, your UKEAS counselor will be able to give you advice and help you to book the right accommodation. Your counselor will provide you with various different choices as to the accommodation available and give you advice on their locations and facilities.

  • Visa Application/Flight tickets Booking services

    UKEAS will give you every assistance when applying for a UK visa. This can be a complicated procedure and we will at all times do our best to ensure that it as painless as possible! In addition we can help with arranging flights and sundry other travel arrangements.

  • Pre-departure Briefing and preparation

    Your UKEAS counselor wants you to enjoy your time in the UK and will do their best to ensure that you are well prepared, with all the information you need to settle into life in the UK quickly and easily. With this in mind, before you depart, UKEAS will provide you with a full and comprehensive Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB). At the end of this briefing, you will receive our free PDB booklet as well as a free ISIC Card and other useful items that you can use during your travel to and stay in the UK.

  • A full range of supporting services

    Our services don't stop after students go to the UK. UKEAS offers continuous support through our office in the UK. Ms. Su Hayter is in charge of the UKEAS UK office and can give you help right there where you need it. For a full list of services that UKEAS provide, please click here.

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  • Rankings

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  • Scholarships

    A variety of scholarships are available to students bound for the UK

  • Visa Information

    UKEAS can help you apply for a visa to study in the UK

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