UKEAS Service

As a company, UKEAS is fully committed to delivering a comprehensive service that covers anything a student might need, from the professional counselling that we provide and our free application service, to making your time in the UK as enjoyable as possible. Our counsellors over the years have successfully sent students overseas to universities, top high schools, and language schools, which is why we regard ourselves as one of the most experienced UK educational advisory organisations in the world.

  • Free Counselling Service

    When faced with thousands of courses and hundreds of institutions, you might find things overwhelming. How do you choose? Through our highly experienced and trained counsellors, you can receive excellent counselling advice, all free of charge. Your counsellor will get to understand you and your needs, motivations, and your ultimate goals, and with this information begin to build a list of choices in order to help you achieve those goals. Rest assured, UKEAS has a fantastic working relationship with educational institutions of every level in the UK, allowing for a wide range of choices that you can consider. While we are here to provide advice and recommendations as to which institution and course is right for you, the choice will ultimately be up to you.

  • Free Application Service

    With ever increasing student numbers leading to growing competition for entry into UK institutions, we strive to make sure every bit of your application is up to the very highest standards. With our free application service we help you prepare documents such as your study plan, resume, PhD research plans, and portfolio. After you are content with your application documents we will take care of the entire follow-up process, from filling in application forms, to dealing with the institutions themselves.

  • Online Application and Portal

    You can now take advantage of our online application services as well. Simply fill in one form on our site, send us your supporting application documents, and we will take care of everything for you. We will keep you up to date with any acknowledgements from the institution that you have applied for, and after we have sent your application you will be able to track your application process through our website anytime you want. It’s quick, and it’s easy. We take care of everything whilst you retain control.


    IELTS can be an important part of a student’s application and we offer IELTS classes in many of our centres which help prepare you for the IELTS through courses with small classes with experienced IELTS teachers, usually examiners. Our schools are well equipped with libraries and classrooms, and where we do not have schools we have extensive libraries that are stocked with information on how to prepare for and pass the IELTS. Study groups formed by students are encouraged as well, as it is often easier to prepare for the IELTS with other people instead of studying on your own.  Should your nearest UKEAS office not have its own IELTS school, we will still be able to provide advice on preparing for the examination.

  • Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB)

    When your time to go overseas comes, we offer a pre-departure briefing which gives you information on life in the UK and how you can adapt and enjoy it. Before you go we can give you a PDB booklet packed to the brim with useful information, along with an ISIC card to provide you with student discounts in the UK’s high street stores and tourist attractions.

  • Scholarships

    UKEAS has a long experience of helping students to apply for scholarships, and we are confident in saying that we have a very good record of success. Our cooperation with partner universities also offers the opportunity to give outstanding students partial scholarships.

  • Meeting with Institution Representatives

    Every year we arrange hundreds of university and language school visits, along with small education fairs and application seminars where you can meet with these university representatives face to face and talk to them about your goals and your study plans. To keep you informed, we will email you directly, however these events will always be listed on our website as well.

  • Accommodation arrangement

    Because we have a close partnership with UNITE, the UK’s biggest private student accommodation provider, we are able to provide students with the best accommodation, regardless of the institution you’re heading to. We also provide help in organising university accommodation as well. Click here for more information.

  • On-line registration

    If you’re not within visiting distance of a UKEAS office then you can sign up online as a UKEAS member which still allows you to take advantage of our services. As a UKEAS member we will assist you with your application online.

  • Study Plan Seminars

    Study plan seminars are your chance to learn on how to write up an excellent study plan for the UK. UKEAS counsellors as always will be on hand to assist you; we keep successful study plan templates in our offices for our current students to review.

  • Passport, Visa & Travel services

    We provide advice on everything you need for your journey, including visas, passport renewals, and air tickets. Visit our offices to find out more from your counsellor about travel information.

  • A full range of supporting services

    Our support doesn’t stop once you’re on the way to the UK…it continues once you’re there! Our UK office, managed by Su Hayter, is always on hand to provide support and service; if you encounter any issues or difficulties they will help you with any problems you have.

  • E-Bulletin

    As a UKEAS member every month you will receive an E-Bulletin, which will provide you with information on studying abroad in the UK, including takes on UK life, introductions to universities, and news about upcoming visits

  • Offices Facilities

    In our offices we always provide the very latest information for everything you need; our offices also contain computers and libraries which you are free to use.